Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common questions we receive at STAR 93.3. If you have a question that isn't answered here, give us a call! Your question might end up on this page!

Q: What was that song that just played?

A: While we try to answer every call in our studio, sometimes, we can't. We're excited to be able to give you that information right on our website! Click on the orange box on our homepage (it says, "What was that last Song?") and you can find that song and others we've played during the day on STAR 93.3! You can also see the current artist and song title directly on our new Streaming Player through our website!

Q: I heard a commercial on STAR 93.3 and want more information or a phone number. Where do I find that?

A: Easy. Our Business Partners are connected through our STAR REWARDS. As a Member of STAR REWARDS, click on the 'Featured Links" page, and you'll have direct links to their business websites. to access STAR REWARDS, go to:

Q: What's the REQUEST and CONTEST line phone number?

A: Got a it is: 513.542.9393. Start dialing!

Q: I thought your station was LISTENER SUPPORTED? What's up with the COMMERCIALS I hear on STAR 93.3?

A: Good question! We are asked that a lot. Here's the deal. STAR 93.3 is positioned on the COMMERCIAL frequency side of the FM band. (92.1-107.9). Because of that and our license with the Federal Communications Commission, we can play commercial advertising. This takes some of the burden off our listeners to keep us on the air, and it gives us the opportunity to partner with local businesses who believe in the mission of STAR 93.3! Our business partners are wonderful men and women who believe in what we are doing in Cincinnati! ... Oh, we only play 6 minutes of commercials each hour, too! That's a lot less than the other commercial radio stations in town!