Volunteer Questionnaire




Have you already scheduled your time to volunteer for our upcoming Sharathon?


Here’s 10 questions to help you remember what you’ve learned.  After you submit this review, a staff member will contact you via email with the correct answers to each question so you can compare your answers to the right ones.  So, are you ready?

What is the first thing you should do when answering a call?

If a listener calls who wants to renew, increase, decrease, cancel, or continue their pledge, what should you do?

What is AutoPledge?

How does a donor become a Club 93 Member?

How much does a Dollar-A-Day Donor give each month?

How can a donor become a ‘SHARE-A-DAY Sponsor’?

How long does a pledge last?

When does the first credit card charge happen?  When will the first EFT payment begin?

What do you do if a listener calls with a prayer request?  What if they’re distraught?

What should you do if you have a question, or if you make a mistake on the computer?